“Some use art to paint the words they cannot speak”




“Everyone comes into your life for a reason: some for good, some for bad. They shape us, they form us: some may break us, but in the end they make us who we are.”

Lola, you may not be the best horse I’ve ever come across, but in the end, you have brought me to a level of confidence that I never have felt before and with you I have formed a bond that I have never formed with any other horse. Despite your strange habit of turning in circles and you strange fear of pigeons, I still love you.
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To feel the lightness of a chickadee as it lands on my hand, to hear the sound of wing flutter and the lilting song announcing the new found bounty; this delights my soul. The quiet forest surrounds us like a warm blanket as more chickadees come to feed. As my fingers grow numb from the winter air and my arm aches from standing with it outstretched, I tell myself, just a few more minutes. I stay until the numbers dwindle, then leave a seed pile for others to enjoy.

We had an added bonus this time. A flock of ducks followed us through the path as it meandered through the woods. From the recent ice storm, they seemed ravenous. Perhaps it was difficult to forage for food as thick ice covered everything? The pecking order was quite obvious as they ate the seed. I did my best to ensure each…

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